Populo Electric Bikes

populo electric bikes

Populo Electric Bikes are created with one core purpose in mind: “To build bicycles that make cycling for work or play accessible to all people.”

With this guiding motto, Populo E-Bikes can quickly level the playing field for all riders. Their lines of pedal assist E-Bikes allow fast and slow riders to stay together, make commutes to work & school a breeze, and can even carry loads or pull a small trailer.

Their innovative designs allow for some of the sleekest folding electric bikes out there, perfect for city commuters & couriers. The models with rear racks allow for some heavy cargo loads, making them excellent utility E-Bikes as well.

Whether you’re riding for recreation, fitness, commuting, or riding for work, Populo has an E-Bike perfect for you.


Curve Folder


Lift V2