E-Bikes connect with your phone – An E-Bike app?

Why an E-Bike app?

As more and more people use E-Bikes in their daily lives, E-Bike manufacturers see the need to start connecting them to your world. We are talking about your smartphone, a device that is on your life 24/7, 365 days a year. The need to connect your phone to your E-Bike is here – in the form of the E-Bike app. This may sound silly at first. After all, why would you need an E-Bike app for your phone? What could it do? Let’s find out!

E-Bikes are used far more often than traditional bikes, as they allow us to go much further much easier than ever before. This also means the demand for these high-tech electric bikes is very high. In fact around certain parts of the world as high as 1 out of 2 bikes sold is an E-Bike. e-bike app e-bike sales by region

The only downside to all this new tech is that it can be more pricey than the traditional bikes. That being said, E-Bike manufacturers are always looking for new ways to help you protect your investment. One of the most useful ways to do that is by adding GPS tracking to your E-Bike. Some brands like Stromer have already been doing this for a few years by using hardware and software like Omni, which can interface with their E-Bike app. 

What can an E-Bike app do?

There are a lot of goodies these E-Bike apps can offer. Here are just a few great new features they can provide:

  • Displaying Location – Never forget where you parked again! Many E-Bikes are starting to come with GPS systems that can sometimes provide a multitude of useful information, in addition to basic tracking.
  • Adjusting Pedal Assistance – Using either a Torque Sensor or Cadence Sensor. Some apps allow you to go right into a E-Bikes settings right from your screen and set how hard or how soft you would like to pedal your E-Bike.  This is great if you really want to fine-tune your E-Bike for your upcoming ride.
  • Adjusting Power Levels – Control how much power output from the motor. In most cases, a lower setting gives you further range, consuming less battery life. More power may be used for overcoming rougher terrain or getting up steep hills… Or just for the pure fun of blasting around corners and passing Non-Ebikers!
  • E-Bike Stats – View your E-Bikes settings and stats like your battery life, current travel speed, and power settings.
  • Anti-Theft Mode – Some apps offer anti-theft measures along with their bikes. This can include many features including but not limited to: flashing the lights, blocking the motor (rendering the bike unrideable), sending an automated text message to the owner, as well as recording the bike’s current position with the use of cell towers.

This is just a few examples of what some of the current E-Bike apps can do. As the technology improves, more and more features are added, making your E-Bike more of an extension of your everyday life.



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