Haibike’s new FLYON Designed E-Bikes are so powerful they have air inlets like a Jet

Haibike’s 2019 FLYON is a beast with enough tech to get you excited about

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HAIBIKES integrated split air inlets

The lightweight FLYON frame houses the TQ HPR120S mid-drive motor. The motor itself has by far one of the highest torque specs in the industry with 120nm (88.5ft)  compared to the average E-Bike has around 70nm of torque. According to TQ’s website, these motors will come in 250, 500 and 920-watt configurations from the factory.

According to Haibike:

“With FLYON, we are introducing the next generation of ePerformance. New motor, innovative operating concept, more connectivity and intelligent design. Whether in terms of integration, digitalization or performance.  FLYON sets new standards in the high-end sector. Behind the first ever Haibike ePerformance system stands German engineering power combined with intelligent technology and many years of know-how.”


The powerful new TQ motor

is fed by a 48V 630Wh battery. Designed to fit seamlessly into the downtube, and be removable. This battery gets very warm feeding that mid-drive motor that it has to have air inlets or air dams to direct air right down the tube, cooling the battery. The Haibike FLYON’s new design is distinctive with its split grill air intake at the front of the bike.


Let’s not forget the other coolest new feature of this beefy electric mountain bike.



photo credits www.emtbfourms.com  &  www.ebike-mtb.com 

The beautifully integrated headlight is a whopping 5,000 lumens!  You can manually operate the Skybeamer or use the light sensor. Therefore automatically illuminating when necessary. Skybeamer headlight also features a low beam and a high beam mode. Depending on whether you just want to simply be seen or light up your trail. The rear lights are also LED and integrated into the rear seat stays, that brake when you brake.

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Our take on the HAIBIKE FLYON

 With pricing starting at around $5,000 to $10,000+ this is a premium emtb designed for the most extreme adventures riding styles. These emtb “electric mountain bikes” are designed to cater towards the growing premium segment in the market.

Haibike and many other Brands like Specialized, Bulls & Easymotion by BH offer many lower cost alternatives that will give you many if not all of the performance the FLYON offers. We don’t suggest waiting around for a bike that has not been terrain proven, for reliability and performance. Besides the hype, when your thinking of spending close to $10,000. We recommend waiting for these premium emtbs to be around for awhile while they are put to the paces.




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