What is a Haibike?


Haibike? We see this name pop up all the time when researching electric bikes or “e-bikes” What makes this brand so popular or special?

Haibike means “Shark” in German, as you know Sharks are one of the most feared creatures of the ocean. Haibike carries that dominance into the e-bike industry, by building very high-quality ebikes.

Haibike’s are designed by a very specialized German Engineers to be the best of the best. They start with the type of components that will be used on there electric mountain bikes.  Then design a high-tech lightweight alloy frame to enclose it all.  This way of building is the complete opposite from many other E-Bike manufacturers. Many Brands start with the design & frame then add in all the components as an afterthought, and many times it’s even noticeable. Since Haibike designed everything around the components, the outcome is breathtaking.


Haibike handpicks and tests every component that gets selected choosing only the highest end brands like… Bosch, Yamaha, Magura, Shimano, Rockshox, Fox shocks, DT Swiss, and much much more.

These hand-picked components have some of the best track records out there with proven reliability and performance.


Haibikes line up starts with the SDURO Line, which has emtbs starting at just $1599!!! with the top of the line models topping out at a whopping $16,699. Plenty of options, more than enough sizes & configurations, designed for just about any rider.

If you’re looking for the best electric mountain bike, look no further.







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