Len Mattioli / Founder / Owner

Lenny, Crazy TV Lenny, or Crazy Lenny are just a few of the unique identifiers for Len Mattioli, a retail legend in Wisconsin and other areas of the Midwest. 


After discovering his love for retail in the late 60’s while taking over his brother’s Atwood Avenue American TV and Furniture shop business, he took selling and customer service to a whole new level by transforming it into what was commonly known as American TV & Appliance. Whether you saw his commercials, listened to his radio ads or heard his name in passing, Crazy Lenny became a household name. From TVs & furniture sets to bicycles, he knows how to sell it all. His unique method of understanding a customer’s interests, mindset and budget is what makes him so successful. His close relationship with vendors fosters a great experience starting with the manufacturer all the way to a customer’s home.


After phasing out of American TV & Appliance in the early 2000’s, Crazy Lenny came out of retirement in the spring of 2013 to open what he saw is the future of biking for health, transportation and just about anything. After struggling to keep up with his sons on bike rides, along with lingering knee and hip pain after rides, one of his friends suggested riding an E-Bike. After trying one, he was hooked.


(No wonder he’s always telling customers: “You don’t have to buy one, just try one!”) 


His pain went away almost immediately and he enjoyed riding so much more. His passion for E-Bikes is best put when he states: “It is the best product since microwaves and color TVs.” He started out the business by purchasing a few bikes from various brands. After re-discovering his love for retail, it expanded into so much more.


Well, four years later, Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes is already in it’s second location with a bigger and better showroom for his customers. It is one of the largest independent electric bike store retailers in the nation with 12 E-Bike brands, nearly 200 models on display, and over 6,000 e-bikes sold. He puts it best when he tells his customers: “We guarantee the lowest price in the nation or I will refund you the difference with a personal check. With over 10,000 e-bikes sold nationwide, we know e-bikes.” Apparently, Lenny’s belief is not so crazy after all!

We know bikes! We believe electric bikes “E-Bikes” are the future of biking for everyone.


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