A2B Electric Bikes

a2b electric bikes

In 2008, A2B Electric Bikes changed the E-Bike market forever with the world’s first true E-Bike. They have been creating E-Bikes that ride as beautifully as they look ever since. Their passion to achieve the perfect balance of sleek design and performance has resulted in the creation of 11 exceptional E-Bikes.

Each bike has its own distinct identity. Inspired by the world’s great innovators, today’s A2B range is the result of the engineering innovation and design brilliance of their Berlin design centre. Each one of their E-Bike models is named after an influential scientist, engineer, or inventor. It’s the minute details that make their E-Bikes so special. The attention to detail, drive for perfection, thought and hard work that goes into each and every model make their E-Bikes noteworthy and noticeable.

A2B E-Bikes have much to be proud of as well. They are the creators of the bespoke internal motor system in addition to being one of the first manufacturers of true E-Bikes.

A2B Electric Bikes are primarily targeted for the urban or commuting rider, as they all have a balance of comfort and speed with their high quality, award-winning design.

Superb performance with German precision – find your perfect A2B E-Bike today!