Bulls Electric Bikes

bulls electric bike

Bulls E-Bikes have been in the E-Bike market since 2010, mainly in continental Europe. Since the early stages, partnering in the development and production of E-Bike systems with top premium suppliers, gave Bulls a key advantage in developing the most innovative systems, far ahead of the competition.

For years, Bulls Electric Bikes have been combining the state-of the-art drive technology and know-how from their professional cyclist and engineers. This resulted in a form of sport mobility that combines power, dynamics, great stamina and sensitivity. With E-Bikes, either full suspension or hardtail, anyone looking for off-road action will find it even easier now.

Today, Bulls is one of the best examples of a brand that has an Electric Bike for every need! They offer the greatest mix of E-Bike models and drive systems in different disciplines – from electric mountain bikes to electric urban commuter bikes to electric fat tire bikes. They have an E-Bike for every occasion and rider!

Bulls Electric Bikes are all designed, engineered, and tested at their headquarters based in Cologne, Germany. So when you purchase a Bulls E-Bike, you know you’re getting the highest quality electric bicycle created with German precision.

Go faster, farther, higher, and have more fun with a Bulls Electric Bike!

~Florida Demo~
$2,799.00 $1,600.00


Cross E Diamond


Cross E Wave


Cross E8 Wave


Cruiser E