Madison Demo Electric Bikes

All Demos are NEW EBIKES, that have never been sold. Our Demos come with a manufactures warranty*. Our Demo Electric Bikes have either been ridden by the store staff or customers. Demos typically have under 100 miles of usage before they are sold and listed on this page.  Our Demo page is one of the best places to purchase a New E-Bike with the greatest price incentives in the industry.

"Everybody knows you can buy an Ebike for less at Crazy Lenny's"


The term "Demo" is commonly used to describe a product that has never been sold, registered or returned. Some Demos may have light scratches, gouges, dings & dents. These damages are just cosmetic and do not affect the safety and reliability of our Ebikes.  (Demo pricings is non-negotiable) Demos are also eligible for 0% financing for 6 months if you need to pay in installments.  

Want to purchase a Demo? Call 608-276-5921 as they are only one of a kind!