The Wisconsin State Journal published an article on the rising popularity of eBikes on the streets. Article can be found here

Madison has long been known as a bicycle-friendly city, as well as a Midwestern technology hub, so it should be no surprise that electric bicycles, or e-bikes, have gained popularity here.

If you’ve stepped into a bike shop recently, you may have seen some e-bikes, which have a small electric motor at the pedals or rear wheel that boost the power of pedaling. They’re more expensive and bulkier than the typical bicycle, but owners say they make some of the troubles of biking — such as pedaling up hills or into headwinds — all but disappear.

“It’s like having someone with their hand on your back pushing you along, but you’re still the one pedaling,” said Bob Burns, a vice president of Waterloo-based Trek Bicycles and board member of the Wisconsin Bike Fed.


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