electric folding bikes


Crazy Lenny's stocks some of the most popular electric folding bikes on the market. From brands like Pedego, Magnum & Bagibike. Step-thru folders, Fat Tire folders, High-step folders. With many different configurations from 350watts to 750 watts.

Electric Folding Bike?

Great for urban commuting:

Electric Folding Bikes can be taken just about anywhere. On a bus, on a train, in a car. This makes electric folders so popular among urban commuters looking to get from A to B. Their lightweight compact design making transportation and storage very easy. Then when you need to, just unfold the frame and off you go!

Great for traveling:

If you're planning a vacation or just going for a short trip but need a bike, folders are perfect. Easily fold one up and store it in your trunk or RV, then unfold when you're ready for use. This is great for folks on vacation that would like to take a bike around town to visit local stores & restaurants. Find a trail from your campsite or ride around the lake.

Electric Folders have many benefits, their versatility, the performance, the convenience, makes for a perfect get around ebike.