What is an Electric Mountain Bike "eMTB"

Electric Mountain Bikes are purpose-built to overcome rough terrains. Unlike regular mountain bikes, these powerful machines will blast you uphill with less effort. Saving precious energy will allow you to go further than ever before.
Electric Mountain Bikes come in many shapes and forms, here are just a few below.
  • Hard Tail Suspension - These are front suspension ebikes with a solid rear frame
  • Full Suspension - These ebikes feature front and mid-mounted or rear mounted suspension
  • Fat Tire Mountain Bikes - A Fat tire is usually an eMTB with a tire width greater than 3"

The type of Electric Mountain Bike you decide on is personal preference and each configuration is for a different purpose depending on how you ride.

Electric Mountain Bikes

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Brands we carry for Electric Mountain Bikes

Crazy Lenny's stocks some of the best ebikes for terrain use. Our featured brands are Haibike, Bulls, Easy Motion, Magnum, Rambo, Pivot, Rocky Mountain & Izip. These eMTB's are built with quality components from brands like Fox, RockShox, Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Magura, Schwalbe, Maxxis, Nobby Nics, SR Suntour.

Haibike:   Electric bike specific company, quality German design & components

Bulls: 100+ years of acoustic bike technology now available on their German electric bikes

Easy Motion: Backed by the famous Spanish bike manufacturer BH Bikes now on their Easy Motion Electric Bikes

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