General Motors, commonly knowns as (GM) will be making electric bikes in 2019. Sounds crazy right?

The Detroit giant “GM”, a company that’s been producing automobiles for over 110 years is now going to make  (E-bikes)

With the belief that Electric bikes could be one of the answers to traffic congestion in urban areas in the near future. This is not the first time they have invested into the unknown marketplace, and they are not alone.

GM has made lots of investments in the past towards a green future. One of the earliest acts was the early 90’s when they attempted to make an affordable zero-emissions electric compact car.  The EV1 was actually a success at the time of its introduction but would later fail due to high costs to produce the vehicle.

GM had lots of plans for the EV1 but the car was just simply ahead of its time in a marketplace that had no demand for zero-emission technology.

The Go Green mentality never died with the EV1. In fact, a lot of the R&D that went the vehicle soon made its way into GM’s new Hybrid automobiles, making GM one of the largest Automakers to use Hybrid technology. On an even grander scale than Toyota during the mid to late 2000’s

Since the introduction of the EV1 over 2 decades ago today, GM is now one of the market leaders in EV automobile sales.  This passion for environmentally friendly transportation takes GM to the next chapter beyond automobiles, and into Ebikes.

According to GM “By 2030, 60% of the world’s populations will live in cities.*This will increase the strain on road and transit infrastructure, increase
frustrations for city residents, and impact pollution. General Motors has a bold vision for a future with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, and Zero Congestion. Many other large fortunes 500 companies also believe the same time, a popular example is Tesla Motors & The Boring Company. Tesla’s owner Elon Musk started the Boring company (A tunnel boring company) to reduce the strain on public roads, allowing his cars to be efficiently and quickly transported from location to location.

Having so many automakers well invested in public transportation and zero-emission tech can tell us one thing… We need change, and it must happen now.

This is where GM can play a large role in E-Bike production and distribution. Utilizing over 110 years of experience in high production output without sacrificing quality for a price the everyday individual can afford, is a big deal. This is where the current E-Bike industry could use a major boost.

With bigger competition, drives innovation. With bigger companies producing Ebikes,  the cost would only drop. This way of thinking will also help current, smaller E-Bike manufactures to produce E-Bikes at a lower cost allowing them to spend more time and money into R&D to improve and innovate their products.

Once E-Bikes come down to prices closer to their non-E-bike counterparts we will see a revolution in the bicycle industry. Simple because there wouldn’t be much of an interest to purchase a traditional bike over all the benefits of an e-bike.





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