Which ebike is right for me?

Finding the right electric bike can be difficult, but we made it easier through these simple questions.

How will you use your ebike?

Electric bikes come in many different styles for the different ways riders use their bikes.


Commuter or road bikes are typically best suited for those that want an eco-friendly way to get to work or around the city. These models are light and zippy.

Hauling Cargo or Kids

For those that are looking to haul large cargo loads or parents with children, a cargo bike is a great option. Heavier rated payload capacity frames, extra racks, and larger motors help you carry more with ease.


An all-terrain ebike is best for the recreational type of rider who plans to ride for fun on the weekends. Don't limit yourself to gravel or pavement - go anywhere!

Off-Roading or Hunting

Electric mountain bikes or hunting-style ebikes are great options for those that love the outdoors. These have heavy-duty knobby tires and larger batteries to make sure you don't get stuck in the woods.

Where will you be riding your ebike?

When deciding on an ebike, it's best to think about the environment you'll be riding in and the terrain underneath your tires.

Pavement and Bike Trails

For riders who live in the city, most ebikes will work so it comes down to rider preference on things like frame style, suspension, cargo capacity, tires, etc. We typically recommend commuter or road-style ebikes.

Gravel and Off-road

Knobby tires are important if the terrain underneath you could be unpredictable. Typically fat-tire ebikes or electric mountain bikes (emtb's) are the best choices due to the extra durability added to their frame and tires.

How far will you be traveling?

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